Introducing Helen America


I am incredibly excited to present you guys with the Sunday Syndicate’s second comics creator, Helen America. Helen’s 2009 minicomic Horrors Celsius caught my eye while I was looking through bins (and bins, and bins) of self-published comics while in San Francisco. I hadn’t really seen anything like it before: it’s surreal and small, but with individual details that are articulated enough to beg for close attention rather than overwhelm.

The book is about emptiness, about the communication of complex feelings and situations (a miscarriage by one of the characters is a suggestion, but it’s hard to tell with surrealism) through bizarre and borderline illegible sequences. There are no guides for the reader. The events depicted are complicated and so too, suggests Helen, should be the consumptive experience.

Helen’s series Strawberry Ghost features the same surreal and elegantly grotesque tendencies in shorts like today’s “Day of the Dead.” Shorts from Strawberry Ghost will be going up the first Saturday of every month and the latest pages from Helen’s diary comic The Secret Life of Helen America will be updated every Wednesday (click here to read the prologue; more on it this week).

Click through to read Helen’s short “Day of the Dead.”

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