Introducing Matt Dojny


Okay, so I might be a hypocrite. But you might be a literate heifer; there’s a lot that we don’t know about one another. But your bovine tendencies (bovinism?) is not the subject of this scholarly article (nor is my hypocrisy, but that’s neither here nor there).

I ranted about single-panel comics and then recanted my blanket statements and now I’m back to my general distaste for emptiness in lieu of context and can tell you with great certainty that both my English teacher would hate this sentence and also that Matt Dojny’s work is fucking great. His comic, HIPHOP IS THE FUTURE, is absurdism focused at a single point, like a pinhole camera’s viewfinder. Certain panels pull from silly, long untapped cultural moments that aren’t notable enough to ignite any nostalgia. Observe:

I do not remember who sang this song. But that’s what makes this funny[1]: it might as well have been some snakes. This rendering does not push against any preformed idea about this song other than referencing my knowledge of its existence. It helps that the lyrics are also total nonsense.

But Matt’s body of work (he makes a new comic every day. I don’t even brush my teeth some days) isn’t dependent on these sorts of references. Guys I don’t know what else to say. Read this in Kevin Smith’s voice: “He’s just fucking funny.”

Matt’s a novelist too-or rather mainly a novelist. (Nonsensical though the text in his comics may be, they are still concise and, in a weird way, beautiful.) His book, The Festival of Earthly Delights, is, like, for sale and shit. In book form.

We’ll be posting a few of his comics every Friday. You can see the strip updated daily over at HIPHOP IS THE FUTURE.

[1] Do things stop being funny once you explain why they’re funny?

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