“The Secret Life of Helen America” on Hiatus Through June


The Secret Life will be on hiatus until June 5. Here’s a note from the lovely Helen America herself:

“I’m afraid I have an announcement that no one will like. Well, I assume no one will like it, I don’t know everyone’s tastes: I’ve decided to take a brief hiatus from posting diary comics. I am way behind in terms of having actually drawn them, and close enough to the wire that the things I have drawn are in many ways still going on, so that I don’t feel ready yet to expose them to the shrieking winds of the internet.

This is really a result of having spent almost an entire year in extraordinary physical pain and deterioration – what the most recent comics have been about. As you’ve seen, I drew some comics during that time, but very few since it was agony to sit at a desk. I’m recovered now, but I need a little time to get back into the patterns of life and catch up with all the projects I fell behind on (the Princess Seismograph debut book and album being the largest of those). All things considered taking a month off to make up for a year of being barely functional isn’t so bad.

So, The Secret Life of Helen America will be on hiatus for the month of May and the rest of April – and will return on June 5th 2013. Thanks for your patience and being an amazing, amazing audience. See you all then!”

We’ll be running some of Helen’s shorts to tide you over until June!

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