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Courtesy of Scott Dutton

  • Ivan Kocmarek gives a great quick look at Canadian comics artist Jack Tremblay’s work from the 1940s through the mid-70s. The resemblance of his work to 80s DIY underground black-and-white comics (work from
  • Check out more about the “Canadian Whites” comics,[1] which were low quality (in terms of print quality; see the misaligned printing above) because the WWII era brought about a trade embargo in Canada for certain items. The Canadian library system has a really thorough exploration of Canadian Whites:

Government intervention in the [Canadian] economy broadened with the introduction of the War Exchange Conservation Act. […] It was primarily designed to conserve American dollars by restricting the importation of non-essential goods. Among the items banned were fiction periodicals, a category that encompassed pulps and other newsstand magazines, including comic books. The government had inadvertently laid the groundwork for a Canadian comics industry.

  • Buzzfeed (yeah, yeah) actually put up a well-written and -researched feature: “60 Comics Everyone Should Read.” The list is super thorough and has some great related reading suggestions under each of the authors’ picks. Well done, Summer Anne Burton. While you’re on the site check out “53 Pieces of Evidence that Prove Amanda Bynes’ Legs Are Forks” and “Do You Remember Those 3 Seconds In the ’90s When Vitamin C Was Famous?”

[1] Called so because the comics were frequently printed with a black-and-white interior. I thought it was a white supremacist group at first.

(I think it’s kind of hilarious that the name of this section hasn’t changed, but such is life. It shall remain “Here Are Some Cool Things.”)


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