Alejandro Bruzzese has a fascinating way of languidly slowing down and stretching out iconography (like superheroes, for instance) and actions that are almost always intended to be read as fast-paced in comics. Think about traditional depictions of physical actions in the action comic genre–”BAM!” “POW!” and so forth, fists flying and heads twisting around on their necks. But Alejandro’s minimalist treatment of color and his restricted, muted palettes counter the expectations set by such comics. He challenges the tradition of hyper-articulated, exaggerated bodies not by obliterating the tendency completely, but rather by swinging into what I think is its opposite: loose–often almost abstract–physical definition of the characters. The work challenges expectations without ignoring them or becoming dull; rather, it establishes its own rules based on rearranging the scaffolding that has already been built.

Alejandro’s recent work has explored the mixing of dynamic and static elements, taking advantage of one of digital media’s capacities without straying away from the format and attitude of paper comics (as opposed to what happens within web comics–not all, certainly, but many). He approaches traditionally segregated genres (web comics vs. paper comics) and plays around with the way that readers interpret and understand his work by forcing them to also consider the media in which it’s presented. Alejandro is unafraid to experiment, and the Syndicate is very excited to have him on.


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