New Short by Akiko Kawabe

Comics, Shorts

by Akiko Kawabe


Here’s an unnamed short by Akiko Kawabe (neé Tamura). It’s a fold-out minicomic, as you can see above, but not terribly much is lost by translating the story into a flat digital format (…as fun as flipping pages can be). That’s not a bad thing; some stories are just that adaptable. It is nice being able to carry this charming little thing around to show to others, though. As always, click the image to see a larger version of the comic.


“Mr. Beltman”


Our artist Akiko Tamura–who is now Akiko Kawabe!–has been kind enough to send over some more of her short comics from all the way in Tokyo. We’re overjoyed to bring you the first of these shorts: “Mr. Beltman,” written in 2005.