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Matt Oppenheim and Bill Turpin

  • Yesterday, May 30, I stopped by the Adam Baumgold Gallery on the East Side for the opening to a show of portraits by Charles Burns. Burns (whose work Black Hole is so awesome that I couldn’t muster up the cojones to say hi in an otherwise empty room) is the cover illustrator for the Believer magazine, which is what the images in the gallery show were made for. You can check out pretty detailed images of Burns’ portraits on the gallery’s site, or in person in NYC through July 26. Also check out the Believer if you haven’t before–I worked for a bit helping out with archiving the magazine’s articles and now you get to do what I did and procrastinate by reading said articles. FULL ONES. Yeah. That’s right.


  • If you look over at the portrait site above you’ll see a few pages from Black Hole at the bottom. The images are before-and-afters of characters in the book who catch a disfiguring STD. But why imagine what these gnarly kids would look like in real life when you can have realistic prosthetics show you? Thanks to photographer Matt Oppenheim and prosthetic artist (“prosthetiartist,” I’ve decided) Bill Turpin for saving us the trouble.


  • A ghostwriter over at CBC’s book section (CBC has a book section? …CBC has a book section that cares about comics?) did interviews with Canuck creators Chester Brown, Jillian Tamaki, and Seth. They’re good interviews, for a Canadian. (Sorry, I had to. Nothing personal, entire country of people.)


  • To redeem myself after that one, here’s a bunch of audio recordings of panels at this year’s Toronto Comics Arts Festival taken by Jamie Colville. There are photos too, which just go to prove that all of the cool kids are in this business and that you should be, too.