“1-800-KRAVLOX” by Isabel Reidy (NSFW)

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I am super happy to present some work by our newest artist, Isabel Reidy.  Isabel’s short work will be going up every so often and I heard from a fairly reliable source (myself) that there might be a syndicated comic coming up from her as well. Note: I’m going to be taking a more in-depth look at Isabel’s body of work in the next few days.



“Mr. Beltman”


Our artist Akiko Tamura–who is now Akiko Kawabe!–has been kind enough to send over some more of her short comics from all the way in Tokyo. We’re overjoyed to bring you the first of these shorts: “Mr. Beltman,” written in 2005.

The Wait is Over, and Helen America’s “Faceless”


Thank you guys for holding tight while the computer situation got fixed! You’d think I’d go to a library or something but I NEED MY OWN ELECTRONIC DEVICE HOW COULD I TOUCH A PUBLIC KEYBOARD. We now resume our regularly irregular schedule, kicking off with a new short from Helen America. Tomorrow we’ll have an extra long HIPHOP IS THE FUTURE and next week we’ll be back with some new comics theory and some more shorts from the lovely Akiko Tamura.

For now, click below to see all of Helen America’s comic “Faceless.”

“No Release”


Here’s another one of Helen America‘s great short comics.

Click the image to see the full comic.